This has been your Mark Jackson/Ian Eagle Gum Chewing Contest Follow-Up Video update. 

I have a girlfriend. I’ve had a girlfriend for five years and she’s really great. That’s the first time I’ve heard about that. I never heard about that and I’m really surprised. I think it’s not really true. I need to look on the internet and make sure. What can I say? I have a girlfriend; I’m not married but I’m living with my girlfriend. I don’t know if that’s true. I’m going to ask Ian Eagle about that; maybe he just made up that story.

This has been your Nenad as Serbia's 3rd Most Eligible Bachelor update.

"We were on the wrong side of the Hudson," Kidd lamented to a few New York writers late Monday night in an empty Maverick locker room after he torched the Knicks again.

This has been your Jason Kidd Really Needs to Shut the Fuck Up update.

One further note- I recently noticed that even for away games, League Pass was showing the YES Network's broadcasts for Nets games.  I'm about 90% certain League Pass usually shows the home team's broadcast for any given game.  Can anyone give me any input on that?  Because I wrote into the NBA's Fan Center thing or whatever, where members can submit questions about whatever, and asked them about it.  And I got no response.  But then I got the fucking Houston broadcast the other night.  It seemed pretty coincidental, but who knows.  I'm just curious if anyone out there knows how the whole League Pass/local broadcast deal is set up.  Click that little "Contact" button on the top right of the page and holler at a Becky if you have any insight for me. 

From: oldmancoyote

something about that video really grossed me out. can't really explain it. except that maybe it's related to the fact that my older brother used to slurp loudly whenever he ate cereal and i could hear his lips smacking whenever he chewed. i swear to god i wanted to break the kitchen table in half and beat him with one of the legs until i didn't hear it anymore. is that cause for concern? anyway, that was gross.

From: Raskolnikov

"Juicy and fruity"

Like Devin's drink.

From: cmikes

march 12? where ya @?

From: premium plaques for guys with gums

Hahaha! Hilarious! I mean you are in national television, right? As they say, anything for entertainment..