And I'm feeeeeeling goooooooood....

Actually, that's a lie, I feel like utter crap, since I've been deathly ill for the past few days.  But, like, emotionally and stuff!

Krstic222.jpgThis post brought to you by Pimpin' Nenad

Yes, the Devin Harris era has gotten off on the right foot.  Granted, it was only one game, and it was a game against the Milwaukee Bucks, who pretty much suck ass.  But let's call it a step in the right direction, with plenty of room for improvement.  You could just see, there was an immediate change when Harris came into the game.  He busted his ass, and looked like he'd been waiting to show NJ what he could do since the trade went down.  Or almost went down, the first time.  
Anyway, Devin Harris (they were trying to come up with a better nickname for him on the postgame show than "The Blur," which is fair...I haven't come up with a good one yet though) is fast as all hell (hence, "The Blur,") and plays very solid defense, which I expect to turn into "great" defense once he's got his sea legs back.  It goes without saying, his shooting is much better than JKidd's.  He obviously doesn't have the same "court sense" that Kidd does, but nobody does.  But he's obviously smart, can spot mismatches, and gets everyone sharing the ball and moving pretty quickly.  Things were moving so fast between him and RJ and Swift and Diop and Nenad and Boki and....well, everyone, that I hardly noticed Vince tonight, doing either good things, or annoying Vince things. 
The bottom line is, Harris had every excuse to play shakily...he should be rusty, he should need time to get used to playing w/ these guys, he should be nervous...but he straight up brought it tonight.  He played hard, he played well, and he made no real stupid mistakes.  I am 100% on the Devin Harris bandwagon, and I think the rest of Nets Nation (all...4 of us?) is aboard as well.

Also, have we seen the #34 since Aaron Williams left town?  I'm not entirely certain, in my cold medication induced haze, but I do not think we have.  Shout out to the A-Train, who was always a favorite of mine.  Hopefully he's doing well on the Clippers.  I haven't seen him play at all, but then I haven't watched the Clippers much this season.  There's a reason for that- they suck. 

Marcus Williams playing his ass off is another development I'm enjoying immensely.  He kicked it off right after the trade, when Harris was still sitting out, but this is the first I've had to coherently watch a game and comment on it.  I'm a little loopy tonight, but 2 nights ago I was ridiculously out of it.  Anyway, I imagine Marcus imagines some sort of gauntlet has been thrown, what with a fresh new franchise point guard thrown into his world, and he wants to prove his worth.  So far, it's working in a big way and I see no reason why he can't either split time w/ Devin or share the floor with him, as a fill-in 2, giving Vince more time to wash the sand out of his vajayjay.

I've babbled about this for long enough, but suffice to say I called my mom at halftime and just yelled into the phone, "I LIKE THEM AGAIN!!!"

A couple other notes from my (somewhat surprisingly) enjoyable viewing experience:

At some point in the first half, Ian Eagle, as is his wont, was sharing random bits of trivia for which he must have scoured the internet right before the game.  And while I had read this before, I had forgotten, since it was awhile ago, I think...he mentioned that Nenad was listed as the #3 most eligible bachelor in Serbia's version of People Magazine.  A cursory Google search turned up that it had, in fact, been around the internet back in '06, but since I used an English-speaking search engine, and, you know, speak English, I was unable to find this Serbian People with the original list and what I had been searching for, the #1 and #2 Serbian bachelors.
As I was frantically (or not so frantically) Googling, MCBias sent me the YouTube of the mention to prove it to y'all:

Then I found who was supposedly the #1 Serbian bachelor in '06:
Uhhhh, no thank you.  I'll stick with the Nenad.  Even if he is, I am relatively certain, presently attached.

If I had time to write a second blog, as opposed to barely having time to keep up with this blog, I would start a new blog and I would entitle it Meaningful Minutes With Trenton Hassell.
I would then use it as a forum to write about the most ridiculous and inane things I could possibly think up.
Somewhere in there would be a post about Jake Voskuhl playing meaningful minutes with an NBA team.

Thanks again to the wonderful trivia machine that is Ian Eagle, I now know that Mo Williams before every game listens to "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins to pump himself up.
Also, thanks to my keen powers of observation, I now know that with his chin strap beard, green headband and red & green uniform, Mo Williams resembles one of Santa's elves uncannily. 

I additionally learned that Mark Jackson is a big A-Rod fan.  I am withholding judgment on Mark because I hear he loves everyone.  Except Vince, of course.  Not even Vince's wife loves him.
Mark and Ian have a weirder relationship than Mark and Marv do, by the way.  They have a weird dynamic, like they've been smoking the wacky tobacky together in the media parking lot pregame.  They talk about bowling, a lot.  And they took a minute during game break to see who could shove more pieces of Juicy Fruit into their mouths at once, taking the promotion of the sponsorship a little too far.  Hilarious, albeit a little bit disturbing.

And finally, after the Nets game, I flipped over to TNT and watched Kidd and the Mavs lose to the Spurs.  And I have to say, I don't see how that game would have gone any differently with or without JKidd.  Why trade for one of the best point guards in the league if you're not going to let him run the offense when the game's on the line?  If you wanted poorly thought out jump shots to lose games on, why not just trade for Vince? 

From: stopmikelupica

Someone should tell Ian Eagle and Mark Jackson that Goran Visnjic is Croatian, not Serbian. As I recently found out when my website started receiving traffic from a lovely Goran Visnjic fan site that I have no doubt Becky would enjoy:

So, no, Goran is not #1 in Serbia. In fact "Goran" is a Croatian name. Marko - that's Serbian.

So why isn't Marko Jaric #1? He's probably #2. Predrag Markovic (that dude in the beard) is #1, and he's a former President of Serbia and a publishing magnate. Wealthy and powerful. DJM and I have noted that no POTUS since Teddy Roosevelt has rocked facial hair. We miss the days of stuff like Chester Arthur's beard....

From: mcbias

So, um, how long until you get a crush on Devin Harris? I have 2 weeks in the blogger betting pool. Just kidding, ha.

Seriously, how do the Nets keep getting so lucky on their deals? They don't sign Abdul-Rahim or Martin, they get great deals when they trade their whiny point guards (Marbury, Kidd), their low draft picks turn into servicable big men...If my Cavs had 1/2 that luck on deals, we beat the Spurs last year. I'm going to have to do a post on this sometime.

From: David Caretti

interesting article didnt know much of that Information about basketball :D

Posted on: May 1, 2012 8:15 AM