Kidd_Jason_njn_070518.jpgSo it's like officially official that trade demands have been made.

Some reporters are taking an "I told you so" approach.  Which is fair.  What with all that silly migraine business and stuff.

But guess what?  Everything out there today mentions the fact that Kidd is displeased with Carter and how crappy and unmotivated Carter is.  And to that I say: No fucking duh.

Vince's contract fucks the Nets over.  We knew it then.  We just did not know how MUCH it would fuck them over.  Plunging the team to lottery levels and alienating the captain and best point guard in the league- that I did not see coming, at least not this quickly.  So yes, Kidd is being a bratty dipshit, but if the Nets had just worked a sign & trade for VC or even let him fucking walk, we would not be having this discussion because I surmise they would be playing much better without his gimpy knees and pouty face and piss poor attitude, and JKidd would be happy and they would be winning and yayyyyyy........

Anyway.  A few weeks still until the trade deadline.  And a pleasant distraction in the Giants Super Bowl at least for the next few days. 

As always, In Rod We Trust.  No fire sales, please.

From: Jack Cobra

".....and best point guard in the league"

Chris Paul, Steve Nash and their shooting abilities beg to differ.

From: becky

yes, I should have said "arguably." I'd say those 2 are right on par, but not better.
although it's tough to say, what with him not giving a crap and all. last year's playoffs would indicate he's still got it though.
that being said, with his age and being a dick and all, I would have much rather had either one of them at this point last season anyway.

From: Raskolnikov

Kidd threw a cookie at Vince, but missed.